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Pasture Raised Pork


     Here at Three Ten Farms we raise a heritage breed known as a Red Wattle. We have found that raising these heritage breed pigs provide a higher quality, well marbled and more flavorful meat, that's described as similar to beef.  Red Wattle pigs are known for hardiness, foraging activity, and rapid growth rate.  As foragers, our pigs root around for worms, insects, larva and many other crawly things as well as nuts, grains, grasses, roots, fruit, practically anything is on the menu if it’s on the ground.  As well as what they forage, they are offered a supplement Non-GMO grain feed and plenty of clean, fresh water. 


Half and Whole Pork Shares

  We sell our pasture pork share by the half or whole pig.  We try to raise our pigs  

to 250+ pounds.  This results in a hanging weight of 160-200 pounds.  Hanging weight is the weight of the pig after being skinned & evicerated.  You can expect to receive about 70% of the hanging weight in final cuts.

We want you to eat healthful, ethical, delicious pork at a reasonable price per pound. In order to make that possible we only sell pig shares direct to our customers, which reduces processing and retailing costs, giving savings to our customer and a higher gross profit to us. When you put a deposit on an animal early in the season (or set up additional pre-payment), you are helping pay to raise your own animal throughout the growing season. By purchasing a pork share from us, you can feel good about making an ethical decision that invests in the kind of localized food system the world desperately needs. 

We sell our pork shares by the half or whole hog. As a reference, we typically try to raise our hogs to 250+ pounds, which results in roughly a 160-200 pound carcass. The carcass weight is what we call hanging weight. You can expect your final cuts to amount to about 70% of the hanging weight.



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