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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

Little Tots Estate Jammin' Jam​"Jim"
  • Sire: Little Tots Estate Metasequoia

  • Dam: Little Tots Estate Daphne

  • Born on 2/23/2016 

Jim came to our farm in 2016 as the second buck in our herd. He enjoys watching over the does in the herd from his playground, getting treats, and feeding time. Jim is the sire of Abbie's kids. Their first buck has the same markings as he does. If you are interested in the kids, please visit the "Goats For Sale" page.

To view Jim's pedigree, click the PDF icon.

Double Durango Jumpin' Jack
  • Sire: Double Durango Minimo-Jo

  • Dam: Double Durango Bobbi Sox

  • Born on 3/18/2016

Jack was the buck in our herd. He came to the farm in 2016. His blue eyes make him stand out from the other goats. He enjoys getting petted and laying on his playground when it isn't feeding time. Some other things he enjoys are animal crackers, pine needles, and head butting Jim. Jack is the sire to Aggie's first kids that will be born in October. 

To view Jack's pedigree, click the PDF icon.

Herd Reduction
We are changing direction with our farm and are looking for a loving home for these two guys.  Jack and Jim have been together since the day they arrived on the farm.  Both were bottle raised and are well socialized.  We have never had issues with them being rough with us or visitors, they just want lots of loving and snacks.  Both of these guys are proven breeders and have sired some wonderful babies.  Both throw lots of colors and those blue eyes from Jack are amazing.  Both are gentle breeders and true gentleman with the ladies.  These boys have plenty of breeding left in them and are looking for some new ladies.  They must go together, we will not 
separate, so please don't ask.  Both are registered Nigerian Dwarfs with ADGA and will come with papers.

$300 for the pair

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